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    We work best with bold thinkers and doers.

    B. Braun Medical
    Bank of America
    Bucks County WIB
    Capital Health
    FM Global
    Health Partners
    Liberty Sport


    MMCO - Porsche, Audi and VW
    National Museum of 
       American Jewish History
    PHH Mortgage
    Ralston Center
    The University of the Arts
    UGI Utilities
    UK Paper
    United Nations Federal Credit Union
    Zix Corp
    Zurich Financial



  • Strategy that is creative.

    Research & Brand Positioning
    Value Proposition Development
    Messaging Architecture
    Naming & Taglines
    Brand Workshops
    Marketing Communications Planning
    Measurement & Tracking

    Creative that is strategic.

    Advertising & Design
    Websites & Applications
    Social Media
    Film & Video
    Brand Identity & Guidelines
    Environmental Graphics
    Packaging Design
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Children's Hospital × Mangos

Barnard Instrument Repair × Mangos

Liberty Sport × Mangos

La Salle University School of Business × Mangos

Health Partners Plans × Mangos

Cannondale × Mangos

Lehigh Valley Health Network × Mangos

Siemens Audiology × Mangos

UNC Kenan-Flagler × Mangos

Navarro Saxophone Mouthpieces × Mangos

UGI × Mangos

Bryn Mawr Rehab × Mangos

Main Line Health × Mangos

Harbor Point × Mangos

Siemens Healthcare × Mangos

Children's Hospital × Mangos

Jane Gast

Art Director

Form & function. Modern & classic. Digital & paper. Spun together.

Tracy Rutolo

Senior Account Manager

Just trying to be as awesome as my dogs think I am...

Mary Ann Sesso

VP, Account Management

Enthusiast. Emoter. Energizer. Potent, yet small to the naked eye.

Jaclyn Smith

Junior Designer

Tell me something I don't know. 

Joanne deMenna

SVP, Director of Strategy

Hunter & gatherer of relevancies, adjacencies & connections.

Heidi Habel

Senior Art Director

Do I have to paint you a picture? 

William R. Gast


It's only when you know who you are that you know how you feel.

Justin Moll

Creative Director

Another guy wearing a flannel working at an agency.

Lisa Epstein

Senior Project Manager

Because I said so.

Casey Zweigle

Account Coordinator

Never stop exploring. It's just dumb.

Bradley Gast


The big picture is essential to forward movement, yet there is incredible beauty in the details.

Patricia McCrossan

Business Development

Let's talk.

Roberta Mangos

SVP, Systems

A light touch on the tiller, an even keel, & a watchful eye on the horizon.

Steve Merino


Hey, I just had an idea.

JoAnne Moore

SVP, Administration

The thread that holds everything together.

Ingrid Tripple

Senior Account Manager

Eat exotically. Travel often.

Patti Monaco

SVP, Account Management

Looks great. I love it. Looks great. I love it.

Brooke DeLuise

New Media Director

Oh no you didn't! 

Alright. Alright. Alright.

It’s no surprise that, as humans, we like things in sets of three: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Gold, Silver & Bronze. “So, three guys walk into a bar…” We consider it a winning streak after the third win. And we breathe a sigh of relief after the third “bad” thing happens. But what’s really surprising is a new research study that shows that when it comes to the art of persuasion – or manipulation if you prefer – whether you’re selling shampoo, cereal, restaurants or politicians three claims is not only the magic number – it’s the tipping point. Jam in a fourth and you risk making your audience skeptical of all your claims. 


So, have you seen the latest hospital commercial?

It opens with a doctor and a patient, sitting inside a hospital room. The doctor is speaking, while holding a device. The patient nods in agreement. A voice over describes the brand new technology the hospital offers to treat a condition. We cut back to the patient who’s now smiling. Finally, the logo and tagline fade up. 


Mangos Wins Aster Awards in Several Categories

Mangos has been honored with nine Aster Awards, a prestigious competition that judges healthcare advertising from around the world. The agency’s winning work spans a variety of categories including TV, radio, digital banner ads, billboards and branding. 


Mangos Wins Telly Award for Children’s Hospital Campaign

Mangos' campaign for Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Children’s Hospital has been recognized with a Silver in the 35th Annual Telly Awards. The campaign has also won Best of Show in both the Healthcare Advertising Awards and the ADDY Awards, among several other awards this year. 


Mangos Wins Best of Show in Healthcare Advertising Awards

Mangos has continued success in 2014, bringing home 16 awards in the 31st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, including Best of Show. 


Unleash the masses: Crowdsourcing in Higher Ed.

Usually we think of crowds as being chaotic and rowdy. But crowds with a defined purpose can be influential, persuasive, and when given the appropriate tools and framework, a very successful advertiser for an organization. How you ask? The model is called crowdsourcing.


Mangos Wins Best of Television at 2014 Philadelphia ADDY Awards

Philadelphia ad agency has a successful start to the 2014 award season, bringing home Best of Television, among several others at the Philadelphia ADDY and Art Directors’ Club awards shows.


Mangos taps internal talent to lead its new media program.

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Brooke (Clifton) DeLuise to New Media Director.


Through a child's eyes.

Our Children's Hospital campaign for Lehigh Valley Health Network was recently featured in Lehigh Valley Business. We are proud to work with such a great organization, and honored to have the work so well-received and recognized by the community. 

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